Finally, a Solution for
Your Privacy and the Internet

You are stressed and overburdened by the sheer number of urgent security patches – we free up your time and ensure a secure and unencumbered IT future.

We effectively block the attacker already outside your enterprise network without harming your enterprise data protection and privacy.

Welcome to AviontexDNS!
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We free up Your Time Pressure

AviontexDNS puts an end to the endless race to patch vulnerabilities by providing protection for all your IT devices and IoT devices – new, old, in-service, low-end or high-end, embedded or RTOS – proven on out-of-date and still running devices (e.g. with the iconic Win 7 operating system).


Our Team

Torsten Jahnke

CEO, Founder, Developer

David Ramor

CISO, Service Architect

Aviontex GmbH provides the world's first security and data protection solution without the necessity or requirement for SSL decryption of network traffic.

We are a young, dynamic and determined company based near Munich, Germany with the goal to make the Internet safer, more efficient and faster with new technologies.

Designed to promote and support future Zero Trust Network (ZTN) concepts, we are 100% SOCaaS, which means no client, appliance, or software installations are required within your organization or network.

INNOVATION: For federal, EU, and military agencies, we offer a dedicated solution that meets the security requirements and specifications of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Self-developed AI algorithms are used to perceive and forecast threats, as the application of stochastics (probability theory) or IOCs (Indicator of Compromises) has proven to be ineffective or too slow.

Accordingly, online threats may be detected and identified up to 96 hours in the future. Globally unique, this bio-neural AI technology solution facilitates not only discovery, but also safeguards against online threats without the necessity or requirement for SSL decryption of network traffic.

AviontexDNS is the technological implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), because we are committed to protecting and securing data.

IMPORTANT: SSL decryption means renouncing data protection.

AviontexDNS is just the beginning with our DNS technology, because we are going much further technologically. Solutions such as an anti-spam mail filter or an IP address filter that are 100% DNS based will redefine the Internet & Security.